FAQ:All about eyelashes extensions


 1.What are lash extensions?

They are single (double, triple...) lash(es) attached to the base of your natural lash.


2. How long do lash extensions last?

The average time is around 4 to 6 weeks, but it all depends on how well you practice your aftercare guidelines and also the natural cycle of your lashes. 


3. When should I come back to get lashes refilled?

We recommend to get them topped up every 3 weeks. After this time a full set of lashes should be applied again.


4. I had lashes done but I don't want to top them up. What should I do?

You can come back to us and have them professionally removed or you can gently apply coconut oil or baby oil  to the base of the lashes overnight and keep doing it until all extensions fall out.


5.Why does the treatment take so long?

To keep the lashes in the best condition possible, our therapists must individually seperated lashes, which takes time. We also take our time putting on the false lashes so that they are positioned properly and look great on you.


6. What do I have to avoid to get longer lasting lashes?

Oil based eye make up removers,  mascara and eyeliner is a big No No! Extensions will give you long and thick lashes and they will create a black line at the base of eyelid so you don't need these products anymore. If you can't give them up then lash extensions may not be for you!


7.Do eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out?

No, your eyelashes are constantly growing and shedding, just like the hair on your head. An eyelash has a finite life of 60-90 days. They are supposed to fall out. Since they are at different stages of the growth cycle, most people lose 3-5 natural lashes per day on average and never notice it because lashes are so small. Properly applied eyelash extensions do not affect this natural growth cycle but you may notice the shedding more than before because your lashes are darker and thicker with the extensions attached.


8.When my eyelash extensions came out, will my natural lashes came with them?

In  actuality, the reverse is happening: when your natural lashes grow out, they take the extensions with them! If a good adhesive is used and proper technique is applied, eyelash extensions are designed to stay adhered to the natural lash until it grows out. If you are seeing eyelash extension shedding and your natural lash ISN’T still attached to the extension, you are losing your extensions prematurely and should consult with your stylist as to the cause.


9.Do Eyelash extensions hurt?

No. If eyelash extensions are applied properly, you shouldn’t feel anything at all. If your eyelash extensions are hurting, something is wrong with your lash application. Read our post on eyelash extension pain.


10.I had eyelash extensions for awhile and after I had them removed, my natural lashes were shorter.

 Properly applied eyelash extensions do not affect the growth of natural lashes before, during or after application. Most people get used to how they look with their eyelash extensions on though. When their extensions are gone, their natural lashes SEEM so much smaller and thinner because they aren’t used to seeing them bare. It’s a case of perception overriding reality. If you actually measured your lashes before and after, you would find no change.

Remember – the application of eyelash extensions is a highly skilled craft and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Always ask to see proof of training before you let anyone work on your eyes!


11.Can I react to the glue? What would an allergic reaction look like?

 Yes, there is always a risk that you may get an allergic reaction from lash extensions. We recommend doing a patch test beforehand but it may happen that a patch test will not work.The reason is that the little amount of the glue and fumes from the patch test will not irritate skin around the eyes as much as the amount of glue used during the actual treatment might cause. Allergy can show up after your first treatment, second one, fifth one, after a year or never. You are never safe with this treatment as you don't know when your immune system gets weaker and fumes from the glue will  become an allergen. Still we highly recommend to do patch test before hand to see if you are sensitive to the glue.








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