Bridal Lash Extensions

Every Bride must have Lash Extensions done for her big day.

To reduce the stress and not have any surprises, there are few things you have to know:







*** If you plan your wedding a few months in advance, take 3-4 months before the special occasion and try them out! You will  avoid disappointment, you will know what to expect and there is plenty of time to improve the look of lash extensions.


***If your make up artist suggests lash extensions  and there is only month until your wedding, don't panic! Shedule your appointment as soon as possible. Then book  a full set again 3 -5 days before wedding . Don't forget to take a photo of your trial make up, that will help a lot.



***Don't plan to have  any facial treatment after the lashes are done! Beauticians can destroy them by putting some oil or using a hot steamer.



 ***Very important... patch test might not show any reaction but we highly recommend to do one anyway and  full set must be done once before to make sure you are not allergic to the glue.


























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